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Ad Format Customisation and Overview

In this article, we'll jump into getting started with Ad Formats, the SmartBar, format customisation and best practices for content aspect ratios.

Ash TV offers one main Ad Format called the SmartBar that we’ve had great successes with, we also occasionally from time to time develop custom Ad Formats for key clients, speak to your account manager if this is of interest to you!

The SmartBar has two different versions that allow for different sizes and shapes of content to be uploaded.

The SmartBar Zoom takes regular 16:9 (YouTube sized) content into the player (see screenshot below), as you see the SmartBar Zoom works by adding some blurred versions of the video at either side of the player, helping to engage the audience instead of distracting them with misfitting ad-creative.

The SmartBar Zoom isn’t just made for those who don’t have specially sized content, it’s a great format for those who are heavily relying on call-to-action boxes or unmute buttons as neither of these UI elements cover the main content, the down sides of the Zoom are obviously that the content is roughly 20% smaller when placed inside of the player.


The alternative to the SmartBar Zoom is the SmartBar Cinema. This is a full-width version of the content that support either 16:9 or 1:4.

Note: 16:9 content will have slight cut-offs on the top and bottom of the content when placed inside of the Cinema version of the SmartBar.


This format is great for storytelling and branding content however also works great if your call-to-actions are built into your content and your content isn’t very sound reliant, if you have the option to, we recommend sticking to our best video practices and then using the Cinema format in a 1:4 aspect ratio.


Finally, there’s a tonne of customisation that you can apply to your ad format in order to ensure that it’s fully on brand and is properly complimenting your ad creative.

The following are all customisable features of your ad formats UI and shape:

  • Format type - Cinema or Zoom
  • Unmute button - hide or display
  • Unmute button background colour
  • Unmute button icon colour
  • Call to action - hide or display
  • Call to action text
  • Call to action text colour
  • Call to action background colour
  • Progress bar - hide or display

Hopefully this guide to getting started with formats and the SmartBar is useful, for anymore information please reach out to your account manager or a member of our team on the livechat below!