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Billing Basics

This guide is designed to inform you of our latest pricing and billing methods.

We have designed our billing to be as straightforward and easy as possible, in this billing basics guide we’ll jump into talking about the price you pay for media spend, how to pay and the different customer tiers and support levels we have built into the platform.

Media spend cost

Let’s jump straight into media spend cost, with Ash TV you always pay £39.99 per 1000 video ad impressions. To be clear, we only count an impression if a member of your target audiences watches at least 5 seconds of your content.

From time to time we have changed this cost per mille (cost per one thousand impressions), especially for competitive industries, but as it stands, all Ash TV customers are now paying the same cost per mille! Simple.

Support levels and customer tiers

We have designed a few easy to follow customer tiers that scale depending on your ad spend. They’re designed to give you the right level of support and help you need, depending on your investment into Ash TV. Below you’ll find a small table that easily lays out how our account management tiers work.


While these are our guidelines we often try to give as much support as we can offer, so speak to your account manager if you feel like you’re needing any more support with our platform!

How to pay

Ash TV requires prepayment, we recommend using a credit card that is linked to pre-existing media spends such as Facebook and Google for your Ash TV account.

We hope this quick getting started pricing and billing guide came in handy, if you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to speak to your account manager or get in touch via our live chat!

Ash TV Team